Jon Frattasio's new video series, "Live at Woodland Drive" to be filmed this winter, 2013. Below is a preview of Jon's first three shows and the very special guests that will appear on Jon's video series. More special guests and personalities will follow, stay tuned...


   Jon Frattasio's fun new web video series will, with some luck, begin this year. Early special guests will include singer, Alexa Panepinto of Falmouth Massachusetts. Alexa, a 16 year old junior from Falmouth High School, has sung our countries national anthem for the Boston Celtics in 2008 and most recently at a Boston Red Sox game this June, 2011. Growing up together on the same street, the Panepinto's and the Frattasio's are long-time family friends.

Guest- Troubadour musician, BOB DOOLITTLE  

   Look for 8-time Boston Music Award winner and Crossroads Music owner, Bob Doolittle to be another one of Jon's first guests to appear on "Live at Woodland Drive". Bob Doolittle, a long-time friend of Jon's, has been a musical right arm for Jon the past 21 plus years. Bob is also one of the most talented and sought after professional musicians in Massachusetts. Like the Panepinto's, the Doolittle's and Frattasio's are long-time family friends.

Guests- ECHL, IHL & AHL fighter, DOUG SMITH with Author; ADAM FRATTASIO

   Another couple of interesting special guests to look for this summer are the authors of the popular and wild sports book, "GOON". Adam Frattasio and Doug Smith just had there book, GOON (Forward by Jay Miller- Boston Bruins/LA Kings), recently filmed into a hollywood movie starring, Sean William Scott (American Pie). GOON will hit the movie theaters this fall/winter. I can't wait to see Jon interview these nuts, they're two fun guys for sure.

   So please stay tuned to the new series from Jon Frattasio, "Live at Woodland Drive" to air on Jon's web page, this year, 2013...

   Above promo written by- Cape Cod's, Jim Kenney who is co-producer of "Live at Woodland Drive". :: Band Website Design Builder