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"Performing for a living."

 Hey friends,

   I may delete this blog passage shortly but, here are a few thoughts on performing for a living. It's very early in the morning as I'm returning from my Tuesday night gig in Boston. Performing is great but it's also hard, tiresome, dangerous sometimes- (believe it or not), pressure packed and full of all kinds of characters but, it's again and above all; just the greatest thing I've ever done.

   I've been toying with the idea of penning a coffee table book that reveals, up to this point anyway, my 23 years playing guitar and singing to pay my bills. I think professional players and non players will get a kick out of a book like this. They may flat out take the idea and write their own book, hell I'd read it.

   Anyway, it's late and I'm tired but I want to tell you; in 23 years I've performed over 7000 gigs and I've really seen a lot out there. I'd like to begin a series of blogs telling you some of what I've seen out there. You'll be surprised at the bizarre, wild, crazy and special nights I've experienced playing my guitar and singing for a living... The good, the bad and the ugly, the; "can my girlfriend sing with you guys, she's great"-knuckleheads to the; everything you may have imagined and not imagined... All of it...

   Stay tuned, we'll see what happens with this. -JF 

P.S. The girlfriend comment in this blog is a great example of the sorted folks that, at times, come at you and lean "hard" on you to perform even though they're drunk and; strangers that I've never seen or heard before. This can be a real problem if not dealt with correctly during my professional gig in any given venue. I love playing in bars for sure but; this scenario is a bummer and a train wreck every damn time. 


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Jon's new video series, "Live" at Woodland Drive, coming 2013!

   An exciting new video series is going to be added to Jon Frattasio's web site called, "Live at Woodland Drive". This fun new series will be written and hosted by Jon frattasio and co-produced by Jon with long-time friend, Jimmy Kenney (www.jimmykenney.com). 

   These short, video episodes will include several special guests of Jon's from, musicians, athletes, nice girls, radio and TV personalities to soldiers, chefs, business and venue owners, family, friends and more! The series will feature live musical performances, great food, drinks, stories, laughs; some filmed in front of a live intimate, audience in Jon's Woodland Drive living room.

   So, stay tuned to the fun new video series, "Live at Woodland Drive" hosted by Jon Frattasio, coming in 2013, I hope... :-)

   For "Live at Woodland Drive" inquiries go to: j.frattasio@comcast.net or click on the icon, -Contact Jon. 


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